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Baby Sleep Help in Lehighton

Here you will find a list of items and resources to help baby sleep that I recommend for both you and your child!


MonBaby is a great alternative to a video monitor which can keep Mom up at night even after baby is sleeping through the night.
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A Smart Button

MonBaby Smart Button has universal form factor and attachment mechanism. You can snap it off of baby’s dirty clothing and snap it onto a fresh outfit. Measurements are done in real-time, five times per second, and transmitted to our smartphone app.

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An iPhone & Android App

The MonBaby app receives information about your baby and displays it in an easy-to-understand manner. Breathing movements, body position (on the back or on the stomach), fall detection, proximity to the phone, battery and connection status – choose only the alerts you want to receive.

OPTAvia Certified Health Coach

Looking to be your healthiest so you can keep up with that little bundle of joy? Meet Jen Heffernan, CRNP and OPTAvia certified health coach.
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Jen Heffernan

Jen Heffernan is a certified health coach. Her comprehensive program involves one on one health coaching and a healthy nutrition plan. She helps people one healthy habit at a time and works with them to achieve optimal health. Health goals often include weight loss, improved energy and better sleep quality. As your health coach she gives you the support, encouragement and accountability to not only reach your health goals but maintain your healthy habits long term. You can reach her by calling or texting 484-363-0089 to set up a free health assessment over the phone.

Bump Club and Beyond

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Parent Perk Program

We are so excited to be a VIP partner of @Bumpclubandbeyond! Bump Club and Beyond brings you the best resources, information, experts, product suggestions and dozens of premier events across the country every month!

The BCB VIP program gives parents access to hundreds of discounts both here in the United States and nationally! By becoming a member you will get 20% off any sleep package. We would like to extend a discount to our audience to join this amazing parent perk program. Use code VIPVIP to get 50% off the Lifetime VIP Membership!

Not only will you get discounts to businesses like ours, you will get discounts on events and first access to register for the Webinars for Free!

Zen Swaddle

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As a parent, you know the important role that your nurturing touch plays in your child’s early development. I found this GREAT product called the Zen Swaddle that actually mimics a mother’s touch! The Zen Sleep System (Zen Swaddle and Zen Sack) is lightly weighted to help the baby feel as secure as being held in your arms.

Ok to Wake Clocks

Ok to wake clocks are a great tool to teach early waking or night waking toddlers that they have to stay in bed until a certain time. The following are two recommendations for some great ok to wake clocks!

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Stoplight clock

​This stoplight version is great because not only is it super cute and available in several styles including Sesame Street characters, a train, and girl in a car but also because most toddlers can identify the two colors and understand it well! If the light is red it means to sleep, green means it's time to wake up. There's also a digital clock and an optional beeping alarm function.​

kids alarm clock - Sleepyhead Consulting

Mirari Clock

The Mirari clock and night light combo is great for toddlers who are also afraid of the dark. The night light is a dim yellow light which is less destructive to our natural sleep hormones. Similar to the stoplight version, the Mirari turns green when it is ok for your kiddo to wake. It even has personality and interchangeable faceplates to personalize!

BirthWorks International

Looking to gain some education in the birthing experience? Birthworks International has it all!
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BirthWorks International sees birth as an instinctive process. We help women trust and have faith in the knowledge that their body instinctively knows how to give birth. BirthWorks is an unique, innovative approach to childbirth preparation and doula support. By teaching trust in human values, we decrease fear and increase confidence in a way that empowers and transforms experiences of birth.

BirthWorks has 4 certification programs - childbirth educator, birth doula, postpartum doula and the ACED (Accelerated Childbirth Educator and Doula) program. For more information on our certification programs click below.

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