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Juggling Bedtime Routines

Bringing a new baby into the house is a glorious, exciting, terrifying occasion, especially when you have one or two already, and it can bring up a whole lot of questions. How are the older children going to react to their new

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Balancing a Business and Sleep

By: Violet Baldwin I’m an Entrepreneur. This past August saw me celebrating 7 years of entrepreneurship; 7 years of living my dream, 7 years of helping artists achieve their goals and 7 years of off and on sleep deprivation. Owning a small

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Cedarwood Essential Oil Benefits

By: Janelle Stoltzfus Hey everyone! I did a short blurb a few months ago on how Essential Oils can help support sleep. Let’s take a look this month at a specific oil, Cedarwood, helps us focus and promote restful sleep. Cedarwood…..ahhhh. Well

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How Developmental Milestones Affect Sleep

As a mother myself, as well as a sleep consultant whose nine to five job consists of meeting with the parents of babies and toddlers, I’ve come to the inescapable conclusion that babies, as a rule, are complicated creatures. I’ve always gotten

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Rest Well Knowing Your Children Are Prepared!

By: Alicia Heyl If you have school-age children, you have been in the thick of back-to-school craziness for the last few weeks.  As if the cartful of school supplies and endless stops in search of the perfect sneaker aren’t enough to trigger

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Back to School Sleep Tips

Alright, let me just start off here by saying, honestly and sincerely, no judgment for what might have gone down in the last couple of months. I know… I’m a child sleep consultant and you may think that I’m going to chastise

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Healthy Eating=Healthy Sleeping

By: Jodi Sensenig What you eat and drink has more of an effect on how you sleep, than you think. Are you someone who needs a cup of coffee to encourage you out of bed in the morning? Or perhaps rely on

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Can You Co-Sleep and Sleep Train?

I get it. I really do. After all, I’m a mother myself. The absolutely primal and uncontrollable impulse to stay close to your baby is so deeply rooted in our DNA that it’s almost frightening sometimes. I’m sure evolutionary defensive instincts are