Cedarwood Essential Oil Benefits

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By: Janelle Stoltzfus

Hey everyone! I did a short blurb a few months ago on how Essential Oils can help support sleep. Let’s take a look this month at a specific oil, Cedarwood, helps us focus and promote restful sleep.

Cedarwood…..ahhhh. Well not ahhh for the smell because quite frankly I thought it smelled like cat pee at first. Ahhh for the wonderful support it provides our brain. It is also a relatively inexpensive oil.

Cedarwood is thought to help stimulate the pineal gland which releases melatonin. Melatonin helps to control and regulate our circadian rhythm also known as our sleep/wake cycle.

This oil also has a ton of Sesquiterpenes (google it) which have been thought to help support oxygenation to our cells. Anyone use Cedarwood and have bad dreams the first few times you used Cedwarwood at night? This is probably why!

This oil is also great to help support kiddos who just can’t seem to stayed focused. Same premise – help support oxygenation to the brain = happy, ready to go cells. I’ve even seen some people press Cedarwood to the roof of their mouth for a little mid-afternoon wake me up.

This is why you find Cedarwood in blends such as:

Brain Power
Kidscents Geneysus
Tranquil Roll-On
Stress Away
Sacred Mountain
Highest Potential

Cedarwood paired with Lavender in a diffuser at night can not only help you go to sleep, but stay asleep as well. Start slow if you are new to Essential Oils with 1-2 drops of each and increase as your body adjusts to them. As a seasoned oiler, I add 3 drops each to my kids diffuser!

Sleep tight!

Janelle is a momma of two and a RN at a local hospital! She has been using Young Living Essential Oils for almost three years and loves educating on how they can support your health and wellness. If you would like to learn more about Essential Oils contact her at jastoltz1@gmail.com or find her on Facebook at janelle.stoltzfus.onedroptowellness.

Sleep well,

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