Essential Oils and the Lovey!

BY: Janelle Stoltzfus

A few months ago we discussed creating a routine with essential oils to help promote sleep at night. We talked about diffusing, applying oils topically to the skin and taking Epsom Salt baths.

Another way to use oils to promote sleep, especially if you are uncomfortable applying oils to the skin or diffusing in a closed room, would be to apply a gentle essential oil to your kiddos favorite lovey. Whether it be a stuffed animal or blanket, applying calming oils to that object that makes them feel secure can help promote sleep.

Just a drop or two of an oil like Lavender or Peace & Calming can trigger your child to think that this is wind down time when they smell this oil.

There are tons of different diffuser stuffed animals out there or you can use one you already have. One or two drops of essential oil should last a few days. Not only will your kiddo have the security of their favorite object, but the aroma will help calm and trigger their mind to sleep!

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Janelle is a momma of two and a RN at a local hospital! She has been using Young Living Essential Oils for almost three years and loves educating on how they can support your health and wellness. If you would like to learn more about Essential Oils contact her at or find her on Facebook at janelle.stoltzfus.onedroptowellness.

Sleep well,

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