Sleepyhead Graduates

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Thanks to the sleep consulting, Mason sleeps 12 hours through the night plus takes two long naps through the day at 13 months old. He started the program at 6 months old and within one week was sleeping 12 straight hours and taking three naps a day. We’ve never had a regression and Mason is currently a super happy and energetic toddler! And the icing on the cake is that Mom and Dad get much needed relaxing time every evening after Mason goes to bed. Who doesn’t want that?!

Mason Sanzi

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Hazel Rose Spector- 11 months old

A note from Katie Sanzi:

Congratulations to this Sleepyhead Consulting graduate! Hazel Rose was waking a couple times a night, having short naps, and couldn’t fall asleep without a prop. She was an all-star student and started sleeping through the night on night 1!
“We could not be more thrilled with the results of our sleep consultation! Our daughter now goes to bedmore than two hours earlier and consistently sleeps through the night. We are so relieved that she is finally getting the sleep she needs! Her naps are also getting longer, and she sleeps in her crib for them, rather than on us. We are so proud that our daughter can now put herself to sleep without tears, and best of all, we have some time to ourselves at the end of the night, and that’s priceless! Thank you Katie!”

Jessica Spector | Columbia, MD

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Alex Hunt - 2 years old

A note from Katie Sanzi:

Congratulations to this Sleepyhead Consulting graduate! Alex was battling Mom at bedtime for over 2 hours every night and wouldn’t go to sleep without being held. On top of that he was having night wakings at least once a night. Now Alex is sleeping 12 hours through the night and going to bed all on his own since night 2!
“Katie has saved my sanity! I was so afraid to sleep train Alex, he’s never been a good sleeper and at 2 years old, I thought all hope was lost. But with Katie’s plan, Alex has taken to it very well and has been falling asleep on his own and sleeping through the night! I’m so incredibly thankful!”

Amanda Hunt | Steep Falls, ME

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Jaxson - 1 year old

A note from Katie Sanzi:

Congratulations to this Sleepyhead Consulting graduate! Jaxson was using Mom as a prop to fall asleep and feeding. He was taking short naps and waking 4 or 5 times a night prior to working with me. Jaxson was my easiest little guy yet! He quickly adapted to the new plan with very little protest thanks to Mom’s consistency! Way to go Mom and Jaxson!
“I had the best experience with Katie she was extremely supportive and helpful! I got my sweet boy sleeping without crying and in a routine within a two-week period. I thought this process was going to be extremely hard but Katie made it very easy and sent a lovely graduation package upon completion! Thanks for everything!”

Jennifer Brunnenmeyer | Mountain Top, PA

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Matthew - 19 months old

A note from Katie Sanzi:

Congratulations to this Sleepyhead Consulting graduate! Matthew didn’t like sleeping in his own bed and gave Mom and Dad the worst bedtime battles. On top of that he would wake up several times a night causing a tired Mom and Dad. After implementing my plan, Mom reports that Matthew not old sleeps through the night in his OWN bed, but he isn’t battling at bedtime anymore either. Way to go Mom and Matthew!
“Since my son is so tall and can crawl out of anything we put him in, I decided to put my 19 month old in his own bed. With a lot of Katie’s help and support my now 20 month old is sleeping in his own bed through the night. I learned so much at our meeting and through emails. Thanks for everything Katie.”

Alyssa Adams | Freeland, PA

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Ward- 3 months old

A note from Katie Sanzi:

Congratulations to this Sleepyhead Consulting graduate! Ward did amazing right from the start of the plan! Prior to working with Sleepyhead Consulting, Ward was waking anywhere from 2 to 4 times every night, taking short naps, and waking up at 5:30 in the morning and sometimes earlier! Now he’s sleeping 12 hours every night, waking at 7:00 in the morning, and taking long naps! Way to go Ward! You’re a pro!
“Working with Katie was a huge relief. She listened to our little one’s sleep patterns, our lifestyle and family needs and developed a specific plan based on these. She was empathetic and kind throughout the process and made it clear that sleep begets sleep and is crucial to a happy baby. I felt guilty when our baby cried and had been feeding him each time. Katie helped me understand that it was my guilt driving this and not baby’s needs. She did so in such a helpful and understanding way. I appreciate her approach to our family and will definitely use her in the future for the next step in our baby’s sleep journey.”

Julia Parke | New York

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Gabe - 8 months old

A note from Katie Sanzi:

Congratulations to this Sleepyhead Consulting graduate! Gabe was a trooper while getting his first 2 teeth in at the same time of starting to sleep train. Gabe was waking countless times through the night and only taking one nap a day. Mom and Dad were exhausted and needed to be able to take care of Gabe and his big sister. Now they are happily sleeping well along with Gabe. While it took us a little longer to get him there with his new teeth, he’s now doing amazing!
“Katie recently helped us to get our 8 month old on a napping and sleep schedule. Our first child was pretty easy and had put herself on her own schedule with no sleep issues. This time around with our son was totally different. He was not able to self soothe and was using me as a prop to get back to sleep each time. This sometimes meant every hour through the night! We both were tired and cranky! With Katie’s help we were able to figure out a schedule and adjust his awake times accordingly all while he was getting his first two teeth. For the past month he has been a different child- he naps 3 hours during the day and is sleeping 12 hours at night. We are so happy to see him getting the rest that he needs (and we are happy to sleeping again too) and how much more pleasant he is during his wake time. Thanks, Katie!!”

Jen O’Donnell | Weatherly, PA

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Gabe - 8 months old & Caroline - 4 years old

A note from Katie Sanzi:

Congratulations to these two Sleepyhead Consulting graduates! This entire family did an amazing job at getting on track with the sleep they all needed and deserved! Mom and Dad were very brave and diligent. Not only did they tackle sleep training but they started on the same day that they moved to a new house! (Congratulations on the great new house!) Both kids had been co-sleeping with mom and dad since birth so there were many changes needed, including moving to their own bed/crib, sleeping alone, ditching several props, and moving bedtime several hours earlier all while adjusting to a new home! To say these kids handled sleep training with ease is an understatement. By following my plan and asking the right questions, Mom knew just to handle every situation that arose. Both kids are now sleeping through the night and enjoying the space in their own rooms! Congratulations to the Gavin Family for making these much needed changes!

“Only great things to stay about my experience with Katie and sleep training! After unintentionally bed-sharing with our daughter for nearly 4 years and our son for 7 months- we finally have the bed back to ourselves! We were dealing with a lot of changes and I never felt like I was rushing them or pushing them before they were ready. Even when I wanted to cave I had Katie’s support. This experience was truly life-changing for our entire family and I couldn’t have done without Katie’s guidance! Thanks!!”

Martha Gavin | Chicago, Il

Kathryn (wren) - 7 weeks old

A note from Katie Sanzi:

Congratulations to this Sleepyhead Consulting graduate! This little love was making her Momma a very tired Momma between only taking two short inconsistent naps a day and waking every two hours through the night. Little Wren couldn’t fall asleep on her own and took forever to fall asleep even with Mom’s help. After starting my plan, Wren made quick progress sleeping longer stretches at night and taking 2 hour naps in week 2! Congratulations to the Cunningham Family for a job well done!

“If you are considering hiring a sleep consultant but wondering if it’s worth it, let me assure you it is. Katie saved me. She gave me the confidence to be a first-time mom. She made me a better mom. Sounds crazy and over the top, I know. But it’s true. I had no idea that something as simple as getting my baby to sleep would be so difficult.

I began my journey into motherhood so joyous. I prayed for YEARS that I would have a child. And when I did, I did not want to take one single moment for granted. I wanted to hold her all the time. I enjoyed watching her sleep and held her almost all of the time. I had no idea I was setting her (and me) up for failure when it comes to sleep. After a few weeks at home, she would not sleep no matter what I did. Holding her, singing, walking miles around our house with her at all hours of the day and night, bouncing… Nothing would get her to sleep. She cried almost constantly. I knew it was not colic or pain. She just WOULD. NOT. SLEEP! She would get so close. Her eyes would close for a few seconds and then she would jerk them back open and cry again. I was exhausted. She was exhausted. And I was so frustrated and disappointed in myself. I felt like a failure. Isn’t it second nature that a  mother can put her baby to sleep? If by some miracle I did get her to nap every now and then, it was for 30 minutes tops and then it was back to crying right away. And when I got her down for the night, we tiptoed around the house so as not to wake her. She would wake multiple times a night and it would take forever to get her back down. And she would wake at 3:30-4am and not go back down. I would bring her to the sofa and hold her so she would sleep for a more reasonable length time.

Thank the good Lord, I picked up Katie’s info at the Philly Prego Expo. I contacted her to get more info but I was still skeptical. My husband was not supportive (in the beginning). My sisters all believed that Wren was just not a good sleeper like their own children and it would pass. They encouraged me to just hang in there and tough it out. I’M SO GLAD I DID NOT LISTEN TO THEM! After several conversations with Katie over a few weeks, I decided to do it. I saw some results after only three days of starting Katie’s plan. I could get Wren down for a nap multiple times a day with little to no fuss. And over the course of a few weeks, big changes. She was sleeping almost completely through the night-sometimes a full 12 hours!

What I want to convey to you all is this: While your story and struggle may be slightly different than mine, you are considering hiring Katie to help you and your little one for a reason. Don’t waste any more time! Don’t wait weeks to make a decision like I did. Do not wait another day! Do it! She WILL help you to be better parents and help your child not just sleep better but to be happier as well. You will be more rested. You will be more confident. You will not be sorry you called her.

And let me add one more point of praise to my girl Katie. After my time with Katie ended, I continued to document all my daughter’s sleep notes. When Wren started solid food and because I’m just a tad OCD, I also kept a food log. Several of my family members have food allergies/sensitivities so I wanted to be safe. Because Katie taught me so well, I was able to cross reference the logs and found 2 food issues that were affecting her sleep. After removing those foods, her naps and bedtime normalized again.

Let me just say one more time, do not struggle one more minute than you already may have. Save yourself and, more importantly, your child from struggling with sleep or lack thereof. Call Katie!

Oh, and my husband and all three sisters are now believers.”

Andrea Cunningham | Pottstown, Pa